Chris Palethorpe photographs humanitarian stories, social and cultural issues in Australia, Asia and Pacific region, documenting aspects of life that need greater public exposure. Chris gains inspiration from the beauty and mystery of people’s day to day lives and tries to capture moments in time of honesty and hope in situations that can at times seem hopeless.  However, Chris’ photographs are not merely passive pieces of art but often aim to promote political change and challenge inequalities in the world.

Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Photography from the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) in Australia. In 2005 he won two awards -”best documentary image” and “best conceptual series”- for his final year exhibition piece entitled “Home” which was a documentary of homelessness in Melbourne and the ACT. Chris was also awarded the Institute Medal at the CIT in recognition of his hard work and dedication to documentary photography.

He has travelled extensively, particularly to developing countries in the Aisa/Pacific region to document issues around development, poverty and displacement.  For example in the last five years he photographed in the aftermath of the Boxing Day tsunami in Sri Lanka, documented displacement in Aceh and photographed for a campaign on women’s political participation in East Timor. More recently Chris has spent time photographing disability, charity and community along with a number of international trips. He was employed by the Australian Sports Commission Disability Unit for a national promotional campaign and photographed for various charities in Melbourne. In late 2008 he travelled to the Solomon Islands and Kiribati to photograph for a project on violence against women, where his images are being used in reports, advocacy and campaign materials. Chris has also taken on a teaching role, facilitating photography workshops for disadvantaged youth and people with disabilities. These diverse experiences have grown Chris as a person and as a photographer. He is rewarded by giving positive exposure to the areas of society that need it and takes pride in being able to help others, help themselves.

Chris has experience exhibiting his imagery from dirty back lane ways to the pristine walls of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. He latest exhibition piece entitled “Commuter or Terrorist?” did both – starting as street art and ending up in a touring exhibition entitled “Multiplicity” along with work by the likes of Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp and Ricky Swallow. As well as exhibiting, Chris has also had many images published in magazines, journals, reports and other publications in various countries.

I hope you enjoy my photographs.

Please feel free to email me at chris@chrispalethorpe.com I will do my best to reply, but if I don’t get back to you within a few days, chances are I’m overseas travelling and temporarily out of contact.

My images are available for purchase as prints or files for use in reports, articles, advocacy material etc. If you are interested in using and of my images or contracting me for a photographic assignment please let me know. I am more than happy to speak to you about your needs.